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Utilising the PPC Advanced Data Analysis plugin in ChatGPT

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Optimizing search engine visibility:

Ever since its March debut, ChatGPT’s Advanced Data Analysis—previously known as Code Interpreter—has changed the game for a lot of search marketers.

John Mcalpin recently wrote about the many SEO applications for the native OpenAI plugin.

Furthermore, advanced data analysis has great promise to help PPC advertisers quickly uncover useful information. Come explore.

Launching Advanced Data Analysis
“An experimental ChatGPT model that can use Python, handle uploads and downloads,” is how OpenAI describes Advanced Data Analysis.

You can basically upload files in a number of formats:

Document (.txt,.csv,.json,.xml, etc.)
Image (.gif,.jpg,.png, etc.)
File (.pdf,.docx,.xlsx,.pptx)
Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other code
Info (.csv,.xlsx,.tsv,.json, etc.)
Audio (.mp3,.wav, etc.)
Video (mov, avi, mp4, etc.)
You have a number of options once you’ve uploaded one of these file types.

As well as asking queries about the data, you may merge and modify file types and, most significantly, carry out analytics and visualisation chores.

For paid search marketers, that is the place where magic happens.


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