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How to conduct keyword research with ChatGPT (with real prompts)

If you’ve used ChatGPT for any time period for obligations like growing content for search engine marketing, you’ve probable observed a few matters:

It’s wonderful and a major time-saver for a few duties.
It’s a lot worse than what you already do for other responsibilities.
To get the maximum out of it, you have to recognize how it works, be willing to refine your prompts (now and again numerous times), and QA the platform’s output.
All of this stuff are genuine while the use of ChatGPT for keyword research. To help you navigate the manner, allow’s discover:

Keyword research features ChatGPT is ideal at (with particular prompts).
Keyword studies capabilities ChatGPT isn’t properly at.
How to QA your keyword studies output from ChatGPT.
You’ll leave this article with precise key-word studies programs for ChatGPT, plus a framework for incorporating the device into your search engine optimization tactics.

How to apply ChatGPT for keyword research
An important thing to apprehend off the pinnacle: ChatGPT does now not have get right of entry to to search volume and other metrics the way keyword gear like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and Semrush do.

That stated, ChatGPT may be tremendously useful for several keyword studies functions.

Keyword brainstorming and subject matter ideation
One downside to traditional key-word research equipment is that your competitors (and frequently greater authoritative sites than yours) are the use of the same equipment and focused on the equal key phrases.

As you construct out a listing of topics and key-word goals, the proper ChatGPT activates will let you discover in large part untapped pockets of key phrases.

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